• 8000 TRL

Atex 8000

Atex 8000 Kings MillValmiera Glass UK Ltd Atex® 8000 TRL is a high performance heavyweight glass fibre fabric impregnated and coated with specially formulated translucent silicones for use as textile membranes, curtains, canopies and awnings. Silicone coated fabrics are very flexible over a temperature range of -50° C to +200° C and block out short wave UV-B light, harmful to humans, animals and plants, but transmit UV-A light, essential for plant growth. 
There are no emissions of toxic fumes or molten drips at high temperatures. The material is treated to resist wicking along the fibres for prolonged outdoor use and has a surface which improves soil resistance and handling during manufacture.
This combination of advanced technical qualities and its visual appeal makes Atex® 8000 TRL a unique and unrivalled product for structural membrane solutions now, and for the future.
Atex® 8000 grade is also available in a wide range of colours on request (subject to terms and minimum quantities).