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Atex® Architectural membranes are produced by Valmiera Glass UK Ltd., a leading manufacturer of silicone coated glass fibre textiles. Atex® is a range of glass woven fabrics with an excellent strength to weight ratio and a quality mat lacquer finish that has been developed specifically for use in architecture. Atex® represents the culmination of 60 years of expertise, utilising the exceptional tensile strength and noncombustability of glass, combined with the durability and resilience of silicone.

To protect the coating and to have maximum protection against environmental influences all Atex® membranes are lacquered with a top-coat. Valmiera Glass Group R&D developed a complete new top-coat system, which is a major step forward for handling and soil resistance. Beside the major improvements in resistance to any dirt and the much easier handling the finish brings a new, exclusive look to the surface of the Atex® membranes.

Atex® Architectural fabrics have strong ecological credentials as a lightweight construction material with longevity of over 25 years. It is also kind to the environment by being reusable, recyclable, non-toxic, halogen, odour and PVC free.

Atex® (TRL) - High translucency allows light transmission of UV-A essential for plant growth and personal well being, while blocking harmful UV-B light. This high translucency allows penetration of natural daylight for a healthy interior environment and energy savings on artificial lighting, contributing towards operational efficiency of a building.

We’re member of the following associations: Industrial Fabric Association International, LSAA Lightweight Structures Association, IMS e.V and Architectural Membrane Association.


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Atex 2000

Atex® 2000

This is a lightweight translucent material perfect for interior applications, such as ceiling constructions, solar protection or acoustic solutions. Read More


Atex 3000Atex® 3000

This is a popular fabric for architects combining excellent tensile strength in conjunction with high translucency for interior or external applications. Perfect for lightweight tensile membrane strcutures and shade sails. Read More


Atex® 4000

This is a fully engineered coated textile designed for the fabrication of membrane structures, ceiling constructions, weatherproof awnings and translucent façade covers. Read More


Atex 5000Atex® 5000

This is a high strength textile adapted for large scale tensile membrane structures. This mid-weight fabric offers outstanding weather protection. Read More


Atex 8000

Atex® 8000

This is the heaviest and mosty robust textiles in the Atex® membrane range, providing outstanding tensile strength and durability for membrane structures. Perfect for large scale architectural membrane structures such as stadium roofs. Read More


Atex® Mesh

Mesh fabrics are available in a range of densities and % open areas. These breathable textiles can be used for solar cladding, allowing different levels of visibility, or can be adopted for interior screening and acoustic control. Read More


Atex SpecialitiesAtex® Specialities

This includes: customised solutions, low E coating, light excluding blackout, bi-colour unlimited colour range and metallic such as gold, silver and gunmetal grey. Read More