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Record breaking Atex

Zenith Strasbourg record-breaking surface area of Atex 5000 orange used

Record Breaking AtexDesigned by architect Massimiliano Fuksas, Zenith Strasbourg, a 10,000 seater multipurpose arena, involved construction, engineering and design experts from all over Europe. The arena's clever design involved a huge fabric envelope, wrapped, tensioned and drawn in with steel cables around a concrete core. And the fabric chosen for this record-breaking build...Atex 5000. 

The project required a fabric that not only offered translucency but was also durable, fire resistant, maintainable, affordable and have a lifespan of at least 25 years. Atex 5000 was able to deliver all of this and more. 

The Atex 5000, a glass fibre fabric, was woven then coated and top lacquered with a semi-translucent orange pigment. It was then supplied from our UK manufacturing plant in continuous 440 metre lengths and 3.05 metre widths. The lengths were then positioned in elliptical, oblique and heterogeneous planes, held in place by 420 brackets fastened to the framework by 26,000 bolts. 

It was a big job but Atex 5000 was up to it! A record-breaking 15,000m2 of material was required to create the fabric envelope.

For further information visit: www.zenith-strasbourg.fr

Record Breaking AtexRecord Breaking Atex