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New Material Edition Published

Atex fabrics included in Materialworks new Material Edition

Materialworks, a joint project between German companies Stylepark AG and Modular GmbH, introduced themselves to us at the 100% Detail Exhibition in Earls Court, London this year and we were impressed with their concept.

Materialworks is a unique tool designed to bring manufacturers, designers and architects together by providing a comprehensive online database of both standard materials and highly innovative developments in material technology.

Exclusive Material Editions, which contain samples and detailed information, are regularly published and can be purchased from www.materialworks.com enabling designers and architects the convenience of having a wide variety of different materials at hand whenever they have a new project in mind.Materialworks

Materialworks felt that the P-D Interglas range of Atex high performance glass fibre fabrics impregnated and coated with specially formulated translucent silicones would be a perfect addition to their online database. It was thought that, due to the combination of the fabric’s advanced technical qualities, visual appeal and its availability in a wide range of colours, it would be of great interest to designers and architects alike. Atex fabrics are available in a range of grades and weights, for use on interior or exterior and large or small structures. 

We provided Materalworks with a selection of samples and some technical details about the fabrics and they did the rest - to see the results visit www.materialworks.com and type the following webcodes into the box in the top left of the page 50328, 50329, 50330 & 50331.

We are also delighted to have some of our Atex fabrics included in the latest Material Edition “Technical Textiles 1” and to also to be included in the next Material Edition “Translucency”, to be published at the begining of 2008, and to include the Atex Screen range and Atex 2000TRL/DTC.