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Atex Mesh 800 used in fully recyclable house building

Atex Mesh 800 used in fully recyclable house building

In the research project named „B10” is used Atex® Mesh 800.

The research project named „B10”, abbreviated from the address Bruckmannweg 10, is the first active house anywhere in the world that can be recycled a 100%. Combining high quality materials and vision of famous architect Werner Sobek, built the world's first portable house.

Thanks to a sophisticated energy concept and a self-learning building control system the house generates twice as much energy as it actually requires itself. And that from sustainable sources. In this project there is used Atex® Mesh 800 material produced by the Valmiera Glass UK Ltd that is fully recyclable. Atex® Mesh 800 is non-toxic, so it does not cause harm to the environment.

In a first phase interested visitors to "B10" had the opportunity to learn about the energy concept and the building technology put to use. During the second phase, two students had the chance to live in the building free of charge and enjoy this unique building capabilities.

House is planned to be dismantled and set up somewhere else in the world or 100% recycled at the end of the project.




Photo ©Zooey Braun