We’re member of the following associations: LSAA Lightweight Structures Association, IMS e.V and Architectural Membrane Association (AMA).

Proud member of:

Architectural Membrane Association (AMA):

The Architectural Membrane Association (AMA), founded on 15th of March 2016 in Dessau, is a neutral platform of the membrane construction industry following the common aim to broaden the market of Architectural Membrane Constructions by spreading information, strengthening and securing quality and thus increasing the confidence in the construction method. AMA safeguards and promotes the technical, economic and social interests of its international members in the field of building with membranes in the architectural context.

Valmiera Glass UK Ltd is founding member of AMA.

IMS e.V - Institute for Membrane and Shell Technologies, Building and Real Estate:

IMS e. V. is an international platform and teaching institute, offering the worldwide unique Master of Engineering in Membrane Structures, a postgraduate program in Structural Membrane Design and Engineering, Textile-, Tensile- and Cushion Constructions, Lightweight Membranes and Architectural Fabrics.


LSAA Lightweight Structures Association:

The Lightweight Structures Association is a Not for Profit, autonomous, inter-disciplinary group of interested parties involved in the field of lightweight structures. Operating primarily in Australia and New Zealand our basic aim is to promote the proper application of lightweight structures, their design, fabrication, construction and materials and to encourage the development of these and other aspects essential to lightweight structures.