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Atex® Architectural fabrics have strong ecological credentials as a lightweight construction material with longevity of over 25 years. It is also kind to the environment by being reusable, recyclable, non-toxic, halogen and odour and PVC free. Think Green. Think Atex®.

Atex® membranes for textile architectural applications are made of glass fibre fabric with silicone coating. To protect the coating and to have maximum protection against environmental influences all Atex® membranes are lacquered with a top-coat. VALMIERA GLASS GROUP R&D developed a complete new top-coat system which is a major step forward for handling and soil resistance. Beside the major improvements in resistance to any dirt and the much easier handling the finish brings a new, exclusive look to the surface of the Atex® membranes.

Atex® glass fibre fabrics are designed for safety and fire resistance and are inherently non-combustible. Even at high temperatures they do not emit any harmful gasses or melt into dangerous drips. To achieve the maximum fire resistance with the silicone rubber, additional fire retardants are incorporated. All grades of Atex® membranes will pass BS476 Part 6, 7 making them building class 0, the base substrate will pass Part 4, classing it as non-combustible building material.