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Cleaning and Maintenance

Atex® membranes are made from a combination of glass and silicone. Because of the inert nature of the base glass fabric and the silicone rubber, they offer a high resistance to atmospheric agents.

As a high performance material, Atex® silicone coated glass fabric membranes require reqular cleaning & maintenance. This should be carried out in accordance with the recommendations given below.


The frequency/level of maintenance and inspection depends essentially on:

  1. The working position of the textile (installed in steep slopes or horizontal position)
  2. The exposure of the membrane to building micro-climates (airflow from nearby doors, windows, HVAC installations, general traffic flow, etc.) and the surrounding environmental pollution level.


Scheduled Inspection

During periodical inspection, visual examination of the membrane must be carried out to ensure the following defects are not present:

  • tears on the edges and inside the panels
  • peeling or delaminating at the welded joints
  • spots or areas of concentrated dirt build-up on the surface (e.g. pollen, insects, ash)


Non-scheduled Inspection

If exceptional environmental conditions occur an inspection of the condition of the membrane must be carried out immediately.


Cleaning procedure

  • Recommended frequency: Every 12/24 months minimum using the right detergent for Atex® membranes.
  • Light soiling: Wipe surface of membrane with a solution of 10% mild liquid soap and warm water applied with a soft white cloth, sponge or pad. Repeat if necessary one or two more times to completely remove any smears.
  • Heavy soiling: Dampen a soft white cloth with the right detergent for Atex® membranes and rub gently. Then wipe surface with a water damped soft white cloth, sponge or pad. Repeat if necessary one or two more times to completely remove any smears.
  • Stubborn stains: Consultation with our Technical Service to discuss the nature of staining is recommended before taking further action.

The correct cleaning of the surface will restore the hydrophobic properties of the silicone coating of the membrane.

The use of abrasive cleaning materials or any substance which damages the surface will lead to deterioration in performance.

Use of general facility elevators or cranes

Existing facilities and installations for elevating or lifting any maintenance of HVAC/facility lighting/sprinklers/ general revision/steel bows/windows and cleaning procedure etc. should be adapted to the required cleaning and maintenance procedures for Atex® silicone coated glass fabric membranes.

  • Use only Atex® recommended cleaning agent.
  • Dilute with warm water, 1 to 5 parts cleaning solution in 100 parts water.
  • Avoid prolonged contact with skin. Use of gloves recommended.

Temperature: 10 to 30°C

Packaging: 5, 20 and 200 Litre


  • DO NOT store below freezing point 
  • Store in accordance with Health & Safety regulations 
  • Read additional documentation (available on request)

Cleaning program and documentation

Cleaning procedures and schedule of the membranes should be included in the facilities routine cleaning and maintenance documentation. This should be revised periodically in accordance with the prevailing climatic and environmental conditions.

Procedures for inspection, cleaning and maintenance of the membrane should be documented and updated for optimization and staff training.