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Wolkenhain observation tower, Berlin, Germany >

Wolkenhain observation tower, Berlin, Germany

The beautiful and unusual Wolkenhain observation tower has been erected in Berlin, built using Atex® 3000 TRL textile membrane made by Valmiera Glass UK Ltd. The observation tower, designed by Kolb Ripke Architekten architect office in Berlin, is a notable landmark in the local scenery as it stands on the top of Kienberg Hill, 120 m above sea level. During the night the viewing platform is illuminated in various colours. The light transparency of the Atex® material ensures that the tower looks finely illuminated from within, like an illuminated cloud.

Fabric: Atex® 3000 TRL
Fabric area: 735 m2
Project architect: Kolb Ripke Architekten
Membrane installation: 3dtex Berlin
General contractor steel: Vollack Hallen-und Stahlbau GmbH & Co.KG
General contractor membrane: Textil Bau GmbH
Year: 2017

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