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Climate-Pavilion, Germany >

Climate-Pavilion, Germany

In choosing building materials, preference was given to those creating beneficial preconditions that promote a green lifestyle and ensure energy-efficiency. One of these materials is the Atex® glass fibre textile with a silicone coating, which is an industrially fully recyclable material and complies with all safety regulations. The pavilion structure proves that the membrane is a successful and modern material for this type of building due to its physical properties. It is lightweight, cost-efficient, with high light transmission and UV-stability, flame-resistant, resistant to temperature fluctuations, as well as reusable due to its flexibility and resistance to bending.

Material: Atex® 5000 silicon-coated glass fibre fabric
Applied fabric area: 500 m2
Membrane fitting: Flontex (Poland)
Developer of the engineering and technical solution: Hightex (Germany)
Year of construction: 2017 (and 5 subsequent years)
Architects: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Ruth, blueKon, reich.architekten BDA

Photo© reich.architekten BDA