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Atex Qualities

Atex Qualities


Atex® membranes are sealed with the unique Atex® TopCoat – matt, silky and exclusive looking, easy handling.

Atex® membranes are designed for long-term outdoor use and can be guaranteed up to 25 years. Standard guarantee on request.

All Atex® membranes are treated to resist wicking of moisture. They are extremely weatherproof and durable.

Tested to European, British and US standards, Atex membranes are classified as having low combustibility. In the event of fire Atex® membranes produce almost no smoke and no molten material or flaming droplets whatsoever. The base fabric, fibre-glass, is non-combustible.
The unique translucency and light diffusion of Atex® membranes allow innovative light effects. Membranes are translucent up to 42%. Temperature resistant between -50 and +200°Celsius. Atex® membranes remain flexible, even at low temperatures, for easy handling and installation.
Due to its construction Atex® blocks out harmful UV light but allows the transmittance of UV wavelengths necessary for plant growth. All Atex® membranes are free of PVC, phthalates and other harmful chemicals. Environmentally friendly, odour free ready to use in interior applications without any issues.
Due to the outstanding physical properties of the high quality silicone elastomers used in them, Atex® membranes are well protected against creasing and remain flexible even at very low temperatures. Standard material widths are 200, 250 and 300cm for Atex® membranes for wide spans and optimised structures.  
The durable, high quality silicone coating of Atex® membranes is easy to clean retaining the special optical properties and perfect look. Atex® can be produced in any colour – even metallics such as gold and silver are possible. Special colours require minimum order quantities between 250 and 500 linear meters.
Atex® membranes can be produced with special designs for use as acoustically active membranes. Atex® mesh products offer additional acoustic solutions. The principal components in Atex® membranes are easily obtained and environmentally non-contentious – glass and silicone. Products that are sustainable and recyclable.
Valmiera Glass UK Ltd. is certified to ISO 9001 quality standard; one of the first companies in the silicone coating industry to achieve this. Different shapes, designs and looks are easily achieved to give the perfect solution for your application. Products with the versatility to give you the freedom to design.



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