• Atex 4000

Atex 4000

Atex® 4000 TRL is a type II membrane made of glass fibre fabric coated with high-quality silicones for highest translucency and best durability. The tensile strength is close to a type III product with 6000/5600 N/5cm and even with such high strength it has about 30% translucency.

Atex® 4000 TRL is a fully engineered coated textile designed for the fabrication of membrane structures, ceiling constructions, weatherproof awnings and translucent façade covers.

Atex® 4000 TRL is unique and abolutely PVC or PTFE free. In case of a fire Atex® 4000 TRL is not releasing toxic fumes or melted drippings. The material is treated to resist wicking along the fibres for prolonged outdoor use and has a surface which improves soil resistance and handling during manufacture.

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