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Valmiera Glass Group

As a major international producer of glass fibre fabrics for many technical applications, Valmiera Glass Group operates a quality control system that fulfils strict international requirements for a variety of industrial markets including composites, thermal and technical insulation and construction industries.

Valmiera Glass Group products benefit from innovative production and application technology plus the most up-to-date manufacturing facilities.

Wherever quality, strength, stability, corrosion and fire resistance are required in today's modern fabric-building culture & with its spectacular shapes and architectural ingenuity Atex fabrics are the solution.

Valmiera Glass Group, with headquarters in Valmiera, Latvia, is one of the leading European manufacturers of glass fibre-based products. The Group companies are located on two continents in three countries: in Latvia, the United Kingdom and the United States. The Group can be proud of more than 80 years’ expertise in glass fibre manufacturing and proven product quality as well as certification to ISO 9001.